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Our Team




Senior Architect, VPA

Niranjani is a conscientious and prolific architect whose approach towards architecture is far from conventional design thinking in this epoch of ours. Her work reflects the tastes of her clients and their interest continues to be the core of her designs. She always manages to find a common ground between her unconventional designs and the needs of her clients.

She graduated from the Hindustan School of Architecture in 2010. Her short stint as an intern with Ar. Ravi Neelakandan Which resulted in a paradigm shift from the educational knowledge she had gathered that refined her perception of architecture and broaden her horizon on contemporary design, functional planning and providing attention to details. It is here she learnt to make the most of the least, leveraging every bit of space available to add to the aesthetics of her designs.

Soon after graduation, Niranjani joined Shripal & Venkat Architects, a prominent firm in Chennai that helped her gain skills and knowledge on a plethora of areas including residential projects, commercial projects, and educational institutions of various scale. She was an avid member of the design team and spearheaded several eminent projects where her involvement ranged from purely consultative to the complete delivery of high-end design projects.

She joined DesignQube in 2013 when the firm was just a handful of young energetic free-thinking architects still finding their way into mainstream architectural designing. She has been an integral part of the firm since then and has been instrumental in moulding it into a forerunner in the industry.

Later she then joined Vikas Parthipan Architects in 2020. Niranjani enjoys to be a part of the young architects in her team and she never shies away from admitting her successful designs are a result of the fresh creative minds coming together as a team and applying their thoughts in unison to craft a design that pleases not just themselves but their clients as well.

She is a good taskmaster and ensures that the critical deliverables never miss the timelines that she and her team shoots for. Niranjani is a multi-tasker and switches gears between home and work with utmost ease. She ensures that her work life balance is not affected by the effort and time that she puts into her meticulous designs.

While not working she engages herself in watching DIY videos on the internet although the results of which may remain questionable.

Experience: 11 years


Senior Architect, VPA

She is an enthusiastic architect who has had the chance to explore diverse places and cultures since the beginning, as she travelled across since her childhood. Each place has contributed in shaping her thought process and perception through the journey. An ambivert who enjoys travel, people and art. Ranjeetha, received her Master’s degree in Interior and Living design from Domus Academy, Milan.

She completed her Bachelor of Architecture from SRM university. Her internship at Amar architecture and Designs helped her develop keen interest in the world of architecture and to sail in creativity and innovation which persuaded her to go to Italy to broaden her knowledge where she worked on several residential projects with a focus on additions, renovations and historic preservation.

Post her return from Italy, her professional training at DesignQube Architects deepened her understanding of the field and paved the way for grasping the major aspects of the process of designing and detailing. To widen her knowledge, she then moved to Studio D Cubed Architects which transformed her into a successful architect with hands-on experience on several residential and hospitality projects involving high profile clients. She enjoys watching the visions come to life.

She has been working with VPA since its dawn as the Senior Architect handling her own projects. She has been managing the design and execution of her projects that include villas, commercials, offices, interiors, elevational designs through all its stages. Her keen sense of punctuality, simplicity and immense hard work has been instrumental in developing the ethos of the practice. Her professional approach and work clarity are much appreciated by the clients.


Architectural Assistant, VPA

Competent Architectural Assistant JP, has a proven track record of extraordinary achievements in producing designs for various residential and commercial projects, developing budgets, providing comprehensive planning assistance and on­site support. Adept at completing architectural drawings and schematics ,JP has an excellent skill of interpreting and reviewing designs and completing field inspections .He specializes at assisting in the preparation of contracts and processing architectural documentation. He has 10+ years of experience in Industrial Architectural and Interior, Landscape Design and drafting of Commercial, Residential and Non Process buildings. Starting at Anbu and Faizal Architects  as a draftsman ,he slowly and steadily developed himself into a detail-oriented and dedicated Assistant Architect providing support to Senior Architects .You can vouch for him to prepared and complete detailed project designs, communicate and work closely with clients and contractors ,conduct site visits and to work on the development of surface area plans.He has an in depth knowledge to Draft contracts, maintain confidential documents and files, develop budgets and stay up-to-date with current laws and regulations. Having worked in Hyderabad at MW Group High Tech Projects India Private limited, his ability to assist staff in the construction phase of projects, support the team in the preconstruction process and contribute to high-quality cost effective and timely completions has solidified .He then worked with DesignQube and Blue Cube Architects  for almost 3 years wherein he demonstrated autonomy in planning and coordinated field activities. He possesses great communication skills and important ability to work and perform well independently or in team environments.


Senior Project Engineer, VPA

As a professionally driven Senior Engineer with more than 14 years of experience,Rajkumar provides optimum project engineering design ,construction  monitoring and inspection as well as project development plan review ,approval and BOQ. From assisting in management of project permit process till the execution process he actively gets involved and completes the job  with utmost dedication .Starting his career at Sreevatsa Real Estates (p)Ltd,he worked for almost 10 years and understood the nitty-gritty and the complete construction process from top to bottom .His work experience at Galfar , Oman and DesignQube later, helped him in interpreting the client needs into proper schedules, tracking and maintaining the budget for these schedules and assigning resources to each and every job based on availability and need .Being an ardent hard worker , Rajkumar possess some key skills and qualifications to be successful in this competitive field, such as strong leadership and communication skills, ample knowledge in budgeting, a flair for understanding the market and performing market research, and an  ability to work with and guide the team.



3D Visualizer, VPA

A result driven professional with about 10 years of experience in 3D Architectural modeling and Rendering ,Aro possesses the artistic expertise and technical ability required to work closely with designers to create visually correct renderings. Beginning his journey with Shilpa Architects, Planners and Designers, he specialized in creating Architecture interiors, exteriors, walkthroughs in 3ds max from AutoCAD drawings.

Being highly flexible, productive, innovative with exceptional problem-solving skills, his contributions to art design concepts in relation to Interior, models, Landscaping and enhancing the “look and feel” of the renders are impeccable. Work experience from DesignQube and Blue Cube Architects for almost 6 years made him capable to delve into the new leading technologies.He got the knack of quickly understanding a projects mission, vision and values and developing high quality 3D images for the same.He has the ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines and to collaborate with other team members and be proactive on-demand.


Intern, VPA

Sweythaa is a 4th yr B.Arch student from CAAD College, Chennai.  She’s a very enthusiastic, young and a budding architect who has recently joined our team  in VPA. Right from a long period of time, creative art and architecture has always been her interest which later turned up to be her passion.  She is also an open-minded person willing to learn and is very keen to pursue a promising career in this field.

Her strength is that she dedicates her whole self to whatever she does and makes sure that she brings out the best even under pressure. Her weakness is that she thinks too much about something in order for it to be perfectly done which also sometimes turns out to be her strength.


Intern, VPA

Momentarily, pursuing a 5th year bachelor degree of Architecture at National Institute of technology Patna, Vinoth believes  that creation is a powerful skill, evolving from our originalities and perspectives which can be used to enhance the relationship between buildings and people.  He is a young architect who has recently joined the team as an intern in VPA. He is a skillful designer with a creative approach to design and architecture. An effortless hard worker who loves to work on different projects. Being a very hands-on person, he enjoys running projects from inception to completion. His inclination to the academic side of architecture is a great updating trend to the firm.